Walking styles and peripheral vision

A lot of people come to my desk every day at work. They approach me from the left and the right, and I am becoming better and better at identifying the person without looking up from my screen :D By the way they walk I can recognize who it is. I try to guess that they are working on, and sometimes I can guess the problem before they tell me :D I'm also noticing patterns in the way that people try to attract my attention when I ignore them and pretend to be working with my headphones on. Some people touch me on the shoulder, others shout my name, at first soft and then louder, and others just stand behind me because they know I saw them anyway.

Ugh, yeah. Nothing to report I guess. Went to Disneyland. Boohoo. Had a great Gyoza party at the youth heim, thanks to NN. That was fun :) MattQB came back from Canada. I guess we'll have a welcome party for him soon. Going to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 tomorrow, that will be good.

I tried to make Thai Pasta today, which should be Thai Curry, but with pasta instead of rice. Worked quite well, but the taste of the curry that I bought from the supermarket was quite disappointing. Too sweet. The Thai lunch guy at work makes it much better.

Some good news: Sony is nice! I bought a laptop a couple of days ago, and I received an email from Sony yesterday, telling me that they lowered the price of the laptop just after I bought it --. The good news is that they gave me a 10.000 yen coupon to spend on their stuff :D I jsut got a nice laptop carrying bag for free ^^ (well, kind of...)

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