A big project

Why doesn't MSN have a "Don't care" status instead of "Away"? Meh.

So, on the the main topic: I can only seem to focus on one big project. All other things don't seem to matter much. If that topic has to do with work, my social life suffers, or if that topic has to do with social life, my work suffers. Having two big projects is manageable, like having my sister around and doing a big programming project at work, but anything more than that is trouble. The project at work is taking a lot of my time, and I actually find myself wishing I had more time to spend on it, because I quite enjoy it. Designing and building something huge in a programming language I know is quite enjoyable to me. Admittedly, helping people at work with problems I find less fun than programming, although people do sometimes come to me with interesting problems. I just wish I had more time...

So, social life: I miss my freedom a bit o_0 Since my sister is here I've been occupied every day after work. It's great fun, but I do miss my freedom a bit, especially right after she got here. I've kind of gotten used to having her around now, and it's all good. It did make me realize what's there waiting for me in Holland when I go back: a busy house with 4 people living inside. I need to move out ASAP o_0

So, about people. Am I a bad judge of character? I don't think I am. I know someone who is, though. Two of them, even. They're convinced they're not, though, so it's hard to argue with them. I lost touch with one of them and we barely talk or meet, and the other one seems to be undergoing some character development in the last episodes of the series. That's funny.

It's kind of weird. A lot of people are leaving, and just like last year it's quite unexpected, even though I can see it coming. Good friends are leaving again, and potential good friends have arrived. It's interesting to see what this year's people will be like. It's time for me to move forward too, and start looking to what I will do next after my job here. With that in mind I need to move forward. This mainly involves living my life exactly like I used to and making stupid posts on my blog about looking forward and stuff :D

Laid back. Relaxed. Life is just normal again, and besides my sister coming here (which was expected) nothing remarkable has happened recently. I need some more surprise (Sir Pryce?) in my life, and if I don't get it I find myself trying to create opportunities to surprise myself. Messing with people's minds is a great past time I should spend more time on. Cause and effect is interesting to see too. Oink Oink.

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