It's a been a while, so let's talk a bit.

People are leaving. People have left. Domi was the first one. My neighbor at the company for a year. Great guy. Want to grab a beer with him when I'm back in Europe. He's a perfect example of how we can all be computer science engineers, interested in Japan and working at the same company, but still be completely different people.

And then there's the trio of people I've been hanging out a lot with for the past year: Zac, Matthieu and Martin. US, French and British, and all three great stereotypical examples of their country, but all incredibly unique in their own way. I share a sense of humour with all three of them. I can talk to Zac about crazy internet fads, to Matthieu about games and anime, and to Martin about anything British. Three very different people, but three very good friends I hope to meet again someday. Here's to you guys, let's meet again sometime.

It's raining a lot tonight. It sets the mood perfectly for blogging about stuff. The new guys are interesting too. Two very French guys, one very American guy, one interesting new German guy. And more will arrive soon. Omoshirokunarimasukana...

My uncle from the USA was going to come to Holland in August, but my parents just told me he canceled because of my aunt's medical condition :( It's nothing serious, but they're not allowed to go on a plane yet. They might go later. I guess I'll have to visit them myself sometime, since they're probably not going to make it in August. September will restart my work and my life, and my third year here in Japan will start. New people again. It's time for a change.

This weekend will be a long weekend (Monday off), and I have nothing to do whatsoever. The only idea I have so far is to hang around Tokyo by myself, since most of the others are going to Kanazawa with Tor. Akihabara could be interesting, and I will reserve a day for a bicycle trip too. I could use the exercise.

I went cycling before work this Monday with Kamil, after we brought Martin to the bus. I would like to keep it up, but it's difficult to find motivation sometimes, especially if it's raining. I have to say that my sister's visit helped me a lot in finding back my motivation, and my 'yaruki', my feeling to do things. I'm in the right mindset again to do crazy stuff, and to make new plans. I feel the need to do new things, and to see new things again. Change is in the air, and that can only be a good thing.

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