Look at these people. They are my best friends in Japan right now. A lot can happen in one year. This is about 8-9 months ago. I have gotten a lot closer to all 3 people, and I trust them with things I really should keep to myself. I am naive enough to give any of these 3 people my PIN code of my bank pass, or my room key, if they ask me for it. These people mean a lot to me. It's too bad that sometimes the way people feel about one another change over a year, and things are nowhere near the same now as when this picture was taken. People got slimmer. People got fatter. They increased their friendship and decreased it. The friends closest to you know that you will be their friend even if they are sometimes not nice to you, which means you don't have to force yourself to be friends. I feel this way about these people. I am comfortable with them. Though, at the same time, that means I can get irritated about minor quirks, and be more rude to them than I would be if they were less close friends. I'd like to fix that part of myself in the near future, but it's quite difficult sometimes.

I was preparing for the trip to Holland this night, and Matthieu dropped in late, to copy some pictures before my leave. It showed me how many great things I've done last year, and how much fun we've had. A day in Yokohama, a crazy night in Atsugi doing fishing and karaoke, meeting in Shibuya and missing the last train back. I miss those simple days. Everything has become so complicated now.

Last year I went to Holland, and right after I came back I went to Hokkaido with the Chinese girls. Five months later, in golden week, I went on a crazy bike journey with Kamil. These are without a doubt the highlights of my stay in Japan. The best 2 trips I ever made. Part that made these trips great was the places we visited, but most of it was thanks to the friends I made here. Don't let this go away, guys! Remember the good times, forget the bad times.

Well, so I say, but everything in my life seems to have a small upside and a big downside. I don't have to work for a month and I can see my parents again, but I'm not seeing my friends for 3 weeks. After that I will go back to Japan, and I can see my friends again, but only for a couple of weeks, and after that they will leave, and I am left with the group of new trainees. I don't feel quite at home yet with the new guys, mostly because I am very attached to the old group. If the new guys can give me a chance, I'm sure I can become friends with them :)

I hope that, when I come back, Japan can still be as nice as it used to be. The Japan I idolize in my mind is the Japan of the last part of 2006 and the beginning of 2007. Making great friends, doing superb trips and crazy things at night, and just being happy in general. Simple life. Can be nice.

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