Life goes on

And why wouldn't it? I just didn't really expect that my life would change so little after everybody left. I am still going traveling. Still going to Tokyo. Still hanging out with friends. I hope I can still do crazy things from now on. Still, every time I go drive back to the youth heim, I look at the windows of the rooms where my friends used to stay, only to find nothing there. Different people are sitting at their desks in the office. People I cannot bother with my stupid newly found wisdom from wikipedia, or strange video from youtube, or funny news from Holland. It takes time, I guess.

Well, I haven't been doing nothing, though. Last Friday we celebrated Seb's birthday in Tokyo, and I took some pictures in Shinjuku, which I posted here. Saturday I went cycling around Atsugi by myself. I posted some pictures online, but I was not happy at all with my pictures. I think most of them look too plain and boring. On Sunday I went to Enoshima with Amyko, Wendy, Hung Lun and Michael and his friend. I took only my wide angle and my zoom lens, and I made some great pictures (in my opinion, of course :P). I also went swimming, and during my swimming time Amyko borrowed my camera and the zoom lens, and went around taking pictures of people. I was really impressed with the pictures she took. I don't think you guys can tell which pictures are hers and which are mine.

Ah yes, ty! If you remember my last post, I was telling about how I set up my camera for time lapse, so I could take a movie of the ty. I also said I was hoping that it wouldn't short-circuit, since it would be plugged into the power socket all the time (camera wrapped in plastic of course). Well, that kind of failed -___-. I went back home after work, and the power was out completely. I tried to flick the surge protector back on 5 or 6 times, but it immediately went out again. In the end we watched a movie in somebody else's room, during the ty... Finally, late in the evening, my power came back. The camera miraculously survived too, so I guess the end result could have been worse :D

After the ty the river was huge! Here's a picture of what it looked like 1 day after the ty passed.

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