I just arrived back home. The rain suddenly got stronger 5 minutes after I entered my room. I didn't bother to turn on some music, I like listening to the rain. It's a gentle rain, unlike the ty rain last week.

Yesterday I received a package. It was a mystery package. A couple of days before I received a notice in my mailbox that some-one had sent me a package, but I was not at home when they delivered it. I did not know the person who sent it, so I was really curious what it was. Yesterday I finally found out:

It's rv! That is, the Transformer called rv. Woohoo! Thank you so much Kamil and Matthieu for this late birthday present. I cannot imagine a better gift than this. Look forward to meeting you later this month, so I can thank you in person ^_^

I am planning some changes. Changes to this blog. Changes to my life. Changes to myself. It's the start of a new year. If I look at life realistically, there is not much that can happen that will make this year better than last year. It's that simple. That's why things need to change. It's no use doing the same thing for another year. New things need to happen.

I am a hypocrite. I do my best not to hurt people, to be politically correct and to not say the truth if there is a nicer way of saying things. It's one of the things I hate about myself, and if possible I want to be more honest to others next year.

Saving money. That would be a good idea. Do less trips, or cheaper trips. I have my bicycle and losing weight is still on my todolist, so cycling is not a bad idea. Don't know if anyone will go with me, but going alone wouldn't be a bad experience either. I have been surrounded by very close friends for a year, and I have become a lot less independent because of this. Regaining this is only a matter of time, but at the same time I would like to improve, and meet new people, and talk in Japanese more. Maybe do the JLPT test at level 3. I might be able to make that, even with my lack of knowledge of kanji.

This blog should get an overhaul too. A new name again, and some new style. I don't know what I will post here next year, but it might be more in Dutch and less in English. Basically, right now, I feel like all adventures have been done. All friends have been made, and lost again. Special persons were found, and lost again. What happens next year will be work, small trips and a preparation for a new life. But you never know what might happen. Life is not fixed, and random things will happen, be it good or bad. The only thing we can do is enjoy it.

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