Hong Kong

I'm back in my safe and empty home in Japan.. Hong Kong was so great! The brilliant skyline, the great food, the easy accessibility for English speakers, and of course visiting my friends. All these things really made for a great trip. I should give a big word of thanks to Kamil and his parents, who took care of me the whole time.

So what happened during the last days of my trip? Well, Kamil took me to visit his grandmothers house in the countryside, which was quite cool. Definitely not the side of HK the average tourist gets to see ^_^. Before that we went to a local market, which had a lot of very fresh fish, and we also went to a traditional village. In this village, there is a 'wishing tree'. People used to write their wises on a piece of paper, roll it up, and throw it in the tree. But during a storm the wishing tree collapsed under the weight of all the wishes, so now the people are only allowed to place their wishes on a wooden board in front of the wishing tree. I wonder if it still works... In the evening we went for a seafood dinner with the whole family :O I said it before, but these kinds of things really remind me of my family back home (Y)

The last day Kamil's friend Sun, who works at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, took me around the HK museum, featuring an exhibition called The story of Hong Kong, which tells the whole tale of HK starting from the prehistoric ages until now. It was one of the few museums I actually enjoyed, and Sun was a great guide who told me a lot about the history of Hong Kong. Afterwards we went for lunch, and we had some great conversations. He showed me around his office too, and introduced me to some of his colleagues.

When night came we met up with Joanne and her sister, both of whom I hadn't seen for over a year. The five of us really had a great evening, talking about all kinds of things, and remembering Japan o_0. Didn't have a single moment to be bored :) The evening ended with us walking around the market streets of Kowloon, and me buying some weird souvenirs. Everybody really made me feel at home there, and it was only when I boarded the plane that I realized that I would not see a lot of the people I met for many years, perhaps.

I've attached some pictures to this post. Actually I wasn't really happy with most of the photo's I took. A lot of them were either boring or blurry. I've uploaded all the not-too-blurry ones to Picasa, so you can take a look there. Some of the better ones I've added here, and I'll add some more to my photoblog later.

Tai Po market. Kamil lives near here.

This is the railroad museum in Tai Po.

Look at us! It's me, Joanne, Joanna, Kamil and Sun. Thanks for a great trip everyone :)

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