Friday night: all you can eat meat at Amataro.

After that: strolling around ichibangai.

Saturday afternoon: going to the bike shop to fix my bicycle, and encountering an unexpected rope pulling contest at the park.

Going to Machida to shop for camera stuff, and stopping by Ebina on the way back. Of course there is a mini-concert going on.

The trees were swarming with birds. They were loud too.

Sunset, while waiting for the train back to Atsugi.

On the way to the bike shop to pick up my bike.

It wasn't done yet, so I walked around the area. I found some pretty strange stuff, like this panda bear head.

Or this radioactive tree.

Still getting used to my new lens, and still not happy with most of my night shots -_-

Anyway, bike fixed, and I got a protective filter for my new lens. All is well. Going to Nikko tomorrow, and I need to wake up at 6:00. Ouch.

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