So obvious

This turned out to be a word of advice, I guess. I'm not sure who I wrote this for in the end. Initially I wrote it for someone else, after talking to W&A&K, but it turned out to be a word of advice to myself too, I guess. Sit back, relax and learn from uncle rv :D

I've found that I've slowly become way and way more relaxed. My personality changed a lot. I used to be uncomfortable in social situations, and I would try to look for things to say and to keep the conversation going, and think of interesting topics. These days I just enjoy relaxing and casually talking and sitting with friends. Of course there is this one person sitting next to me who is always on edge and nervous. Don't be so worried if there is a silence of 5 seconds. It doesn't mean that all the people there are not enjoying themselves. You don't have to 'fix' the situation. You don't have to make it better. Just relax, and be yourself. Nobody expects anything more.

Look (or don't)

Strange things happen. When you are so desperately looking for something, you can never find it, but when you are not looking for another something, sometimes it just finds you. I guess sometimes it's better to just not look that hard..

A person I know is worrying way too much about making choices for the future. In my opinion, she thinks too long and she cannot decide what she wants. I think it doesn't matter if your choice is made in 1 hour or 100 hours, the probability of it being the right choice doesn't change. If you and your rational mind cannot decide which choice is better even after 1 hour of thinking then there is either something wrong with your brain or something wrong with your choice. Find something else. Use logic, people! Think decisions through. After the first hour of logically considering your options you will find that it doesn't matter how much more you think about it. Changing your mind again and again will only make you unsure of yourself, so don't do it. Just choose.

Don't give up
A friend talked to me tonight. We talked about giving up. Do you think giving up is bad? I think it can be a good thing if you are able to give up on something you don't care about much.

Each person has their own morals and standards, and it's up to each individual to decide what they think is important in life, and how they judge other people. For me, my highest moral standard might be about giving up. I judge myself based on how I deal with giving up. I consider myself a failure if I give up on something I care about. This is my standard.

Never give up on anything that's important to you.

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