So much for a fresh start...

Ooyama conquered again

This weekend I went to OoYama for the fourth time -___-. It was fun, although it does get old after a while, so for me the focus this time was on talking and playing with my camera, more than climbing. I put the pictures online at picasa, and I've placed some on my photoblog as well. All in all it wasn't a bad trip, and a lot more difficult than Takao-san last week, which was kind of easy.

Today is Sunday, and it's been quiet. I remember when I used to enjoy my no-interaction-at-all days, but I haven't had a single day in the past 6 months where I haven't spoken to anyone at all. Which is a good thing, I guess. Still, a balance is required. I need to talk to people to keep me motivated and energetic, and I need to be alone to by myself and stay focused.

Alex showed me a cool link about a new way of resizing pictures called seam carving. This way doesn't actually resize pixels the old-fashioned way, but it finds the least important seams in the picture, along which it removes pixels. This way the most important details are resized the least and the unimportant details are removed. Sounds great in theory, but in practice it could still use some work. It deforms faces horribly, for one thing. I gave it a try on a landscape picture, and the resizing worked so great that I don't even wanna bother to show it here. I will show you the strange result of resizing a picture of some leaves on a tree:



Resized using seam-carving:


Interesting, but useless. The idea itself is brilliant though, and I'm sure many better implementations of this technique will present themselves in the near future.

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