My friend is intolerant. There is no other way to put it. Any information that you give her will be immediately used to form a (negative) opinion about people. After she makes up her mind, it is impossible to change. She will never change her mind about a person, be it good or bad. And when her mind is made up she will use any little thing to confirm that her views are correct. This pisses me off to no end on occasion and I finally feel the need to write about it.

Is it so difficult to just accept other people? One of the reasons that I am still here is because people are more tolerant. People here don't care if you fit in with other people. You are expected not to, because you are a foreigner. Other foreigners don't expect you to be the same as them because we are all from different countries. The atmosphere is free and tolerant, and everybody can relax and be themselves. Except one person.

This person still keeps worrying about her public appearance. If she thinks people don't like her she can be upset for weeks, and if she thinks she said something wrong she will apologize for it the next 4 hours. It's always about how other people see her, and she always tries to make a positive image for herself (and her country). Why is it so difficult to relax and not worry about what other people think of you? If you keep this up you will die of stress when you are 30.

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