Of all the things I could be doing... Of all the things I should be doing. I'm leaving for home in three days. Two and a half days now. My kitchen is a mess after the commonroom party last Saturday. My suitcase is not packed. My things are not prepared. So what am I doing? I am writing on my blog.

When people are busy they think less. When people think less they have more time to enjoy the moment. This weekend was excellent. I didn't have time to think. Friday night was spent at an excellent restaurant, after which some of us enjoyed a bit of talking in the commonroom. The 'bit' turned into several hours and I went to bed at 6AM.. The next day I was supposed to go to Tokyo for shopping, but I canceled it, since the evening brought us the commonroom party, and we celebrated Bert's birthday. He's leaving soon, so these are the last couple of days that I'll see him (in a long time, anyway). Bert, I wish you the best of luck! Sunday was spent shopping in Tokyo, which led to a good, long chat again. All in all a very talkative weekend.

I'm looking forward to going home. It's been a while since I was so busy day after day for such a long time. I don't have time to think at work or at home, and life just flows along. I am delaying important decisions for later, and it seems fine. I understand that I have to wait a while. There's no point in trying to force things to happen. When the time is right, good things will come my way by themselves. And I will be ready for them. But not yet.


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