Home winter


I have just started to use wordpress and I'm already starting to dislike it. Why is it so difficult to create reasonably sized thumbnails for pictures? It's quite annoying and I have to say blogspot is much better at handling this. Oh well.

This time I managed not to oversleep, and I actually caught my flight in time. With a lot of time to spare actually, so I was kind of bored while waiting for the plane. I was also bored while waiting during the flight. I was even more bored at Z├╝rich, while waiting for my transfer flight. During the flight to Amsterdam sleep caught up with boredom, and during the two and a half hour train ride back home I was mostly sleeping. And so ended my 26 hour journey back home.

It's cold here! Way colder than Japan. I can't believe I'm crazy enough to go backpacking with Kamil next week. I'd better prepare accordingly and bring a lot of warm clothes. And a lot of lenses for my camera. And I need a book for my flight back. I will be traveling all day for January 2nd, 3rd and 4th, so that should be 'fun'...

Anyway, the weather cleared up today and I managed to take some wintery pictures. There will be a couple more appearing on my photoblog the next days, so stay tuned.



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