I look at people around me, and I see them focusing on microproblems. Microproblems depend on the context. In daily life, a microproblem might be which socks you will wear today, or if you will have meat or fish for dinner tonight. In the context of your whole life, a microproblem might be something like a failed relationship or a lost friendship. It might affect a tiny part of you, but the overall outcome will still be the same. Right?

I don't like microproblems at all. Macroproblems are my thing. You can guess examples of macroproblems based on my description of microproblems: macroproblems are decisions that affect your entire context, be it your daily life or your whole life. A decision to pursue a PhD is a macroproblem, and for daily life a macroproblem is something like devoting your entire day to studying or to fooling around with your friends. My decision to move to Japan was initially a microdecision, based on my reasoning that it would only affect one year of my life. After I arrived, I changed my entire outlook on life, and I decided to stay longer. Thus, the microdecision became a macrodecision.

Which is more important? Who knows. I am back in Holland, and since then I see everybody I know here worried about microproblems. No one thinks about the macroproblems in life. In life, I would define macroproblems as things that concern the devotion of people's lives to some cause. People don't think about that here. Their goal is to get married and have children, so that their kids can get married and have children. Boo hoo, well done. Of course it would be cool if you could get rich on the way, and a happy and healthy life would be nice too, but in the end, that's it. That's the final goal. And there is nothing wrong with that. But people don't think about WHY they have this goal. Why it's so important for them to have this. So many people living so many insignificant lives. I just can't be bothered to care.

And nobody blames me for not caring. People are only looking out for their own happiness. If you put on your own simple society facade, and blend in with the rest of the mindless cows, nobody will ever notice that you do not really care if they have a bigger car than their neighbor, or if they are 0.01% happier than the rest of their family.

So what is it that we should look for? Fuck if I know. I have no clue. I've been looking for something better than 'married with children' for years and I sure as hell haven't found it.  But the least you can do is look! Open your eyes for one second and take them away from your petty little microproblems, and then maybe you will see that there are more important things in life. Everybody has to deal with microproblems, but it takes a better mind to actively deal with macroproblems. Most people just take life as it comes. This world needs more thinking people and less mindless sheep.

'If you think you are a mindless sheep, then please kill yourself'. Keep in mind that mindless sheep don't think, so the world will not get better from this post. People who are already thinking for themselves will not be affected by this post, and the mindless sheep will not read it or they will not get it. 'There are two kinds of people that need help. Those that don't need it, and those that don't want it. The people that don't need help would accept it, but the people who don't want help, need it.'

Was signed, mindless sheep rv.

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