A lot can happen in one year


Every once in a while I feel the need to scream "Hey! I'm still here! I'm still in Japan! I'm still alive!". Well, here ya go. I'm still alive, still doing what I did one year ago. Still here. Still. Yup.

Meh :D

As I stay here longer I get more and more the feeling that I am building something here. As I explained countless times before, after one year all the people leave, and nothing's left. Have to start from scratch again. But that's not entirely true. Some tiny things do get left behind. Some things are here to stay. And some people who leave will not disappear from my life. I see this as proof that, no matter where you are, friends are friends, and although the 'daily life' connection is gone forever, they are still great friends. It works the other way around too. I have made friends here who will stay after I am gone, and I will disappear from their lives one day. But the connection is there! I guess all I want to say is: congratulations Wendy, for choosing to stay here one more year! I hope you will enjoy it just as much as you did last year. A lot can happen in one year, but if you keep sight of your goal you will absolutely enjoy it ;)

I was looking desperately for a good picture to put here from the Disney Sea trip of last Sunday, but I am having a hard time finding one that perfectly describes what I want to put here. The picture above was made by Marco, and I like it a lot. Very colorful. I'll settle for the picture below, which a Japanese guy took for us. It was completely out of focus and blurry, so it took me half an hour to make it look this, and it's still not very good. That about sums it up, I think :)


This post itself is blurry, I think. I will go to bed now.

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