Winter has reached Atsugi

And quite unexpectedly too. We were planning to go the setsubun festival today, which is a tradtional Japanese festival where you drive demons away from your house by throwing beans out the door of their house. But lo and behold, this is what I saw out of my window this morning, albeit with a bit more color in real life...


The black is the buildings. The white is the snow.

Iimg_9751.jpgt seemed to be okay on my first encounter with the snow in Atsugi, but while riding the train to Tokyo the snow got worse and worse, and by the time I arrived in Shinjuku I was in a full-blown snowstorm.. Setsubun indeed being off, we ended up wandering around Akihabara and Yuurakuchou, close to Ginza district, the most rich neighborhood of Tokyo.Very very cold, but fun to see a part of Tokyo I hadn't been to yet. Saw a cool movie too: Kidz, but I can't seem to find too much information about it on the net..

Flashback to Thursday. Because my graphiimg_9742.jpgcs card's been kinda dead I haven't played games for months, so I ordered a new graphics card which finally arrived on Thursday. After installing the card the PC was completely dead though -____-. After some problem pinpointing I figured out that it was either the motherboard or the CPU that died.. Crap!

Figuring that it's better to fix the stupid PC once and for all, I went to Akihabara on Friday night after work to buy new components for a new PC. After a nice dinner I had to take the last train back home which was quite possibly the worst ride I have ever taken in Japan. I've never seen a place so crowded with me in the middle of it.

Saturday I spent the whole day backing up data and installing the new stuff, which fortunately works. Of course it never goes smoothly, and I ran into some compatibility problems with my power supply, that needed some creative fixing.  After a long day's work I was very pleased to see everything work like it should, so I made some time for a nice dinner at Outback steakhouse in Ebina with some friends ^_^ Of course dinner always takes longer than expected, and we ended up watching movies in my room until deep in the night. I was mostly fixing my PC though, and at the end of the final movie the PC was in perfect working condition. Mission accomplished!

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