I love Tokyo!

There is no city more convenient than Tokyo. Missed the last train? No problem. Cheap hotels everywhere, McDonals is open 24 hours, you can stay there for the minimum price of one consumption. If you'd like a bit more classy, though, manga cafes are an option. Whenever I get stuck I spend the night there, and pay little.

Good things about manga cafes:

  • Cheap! One night costs 1680 yen for 10 hours (according to the receipt lying next to me...)
  • Drinks are free! A whole night free soft drinks guaranteed to make you fat
  • Free internet, free tv, free playstation 2
  • Free manga comic books. The place is completely filled with them
  • Free shower and toilet. They're clean and nice looking too

Of course it's not all good:

  • It's kind of smelly...
  • Sleeping in a chair, no matter how nice, is not the same as sleeping in a bed
  • Although Japanese people are very quiet and polite, there's still some background noise to be heard. This is mostly because they really pack everyone together. Right now I can hear a guy in the cubicle next to me type on his keyboard, maybe 40cm and a thin fall apart from me.

But for 1680 yen you get value for money.

The Japanese people are nice too. Looking around Shinjuku I found many of these cafes. When I found a cafe near the station I tried to pay, but the person at the counter wouldn't let me. He told me that this place cost 1940 yen, whereas there was a place even closer to the station that only cost 1680 yen, and he gave me a tiny map with directions on how to get there. Europe please learn from this! Convenience, kindness, politeness, cleanlyness, and FREE TOILETS!!!! You guys are years behind...

Anyway I'm sleepy now so I'll go to chair. Oyasumi.

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