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I am up to a great many things indeed. In quick succession I will go to Australia and a cycling trip in Japan. It's going to be a very busy time, preparing for all these trips. Not to mention that work got even more busy than it was already....
I'veĀ  got two weeks to prepare for Australia! o_0 it's sooner than I thought, and there's still a lot to take care of. Many hotels, cars and trips to book. Besides that I'm trying to help Junko get a good bicycle too, for a cycling trip in the beginning of May. Gotta battle hard to get all things taken care of :'D
On a side note: my bicycle's fixed!!! Woohoo! I went cycling last week, and while cycling back home I noticed my front tire becoming softer and softer... It's been a while since I've had a flat tire, and it forced me to take a good look at my bike, which was something I hadn't done in quite a while. It looked terrible. I got a lot of new scratches on it a couple of weeks ago when I hit the ojiisan and ended up with my bicycle on the asphalt. That's not a problem at all though. The crappy brakes and clunky chain were, so that's what I got fixed this weekend. The bike repairman guy person put some new brake blocks on my brakes, and he oiled the chain too. I got a new bike computer too, after losing the previous one last year.
It feels so nice! After fixing the front tire the bike feels incredibly responsive. I guess I hadn't noticed, but the front tire's been slowly deflating for the past weeks. Now that there's air in there again it feels a lot more responsive. The brakes are great too. It's been over six months since I've been able to block either of my wheels by braking. It feels good, and I'm ready for a cycling trip ^_^
... which reminds me: Junko needs a bicycle! We're looking for a touring bicycle for her, but it's not easy to find a cheap one in Japan.. If anybody reading this happens to know where to get one, or a similar but cheap bicycle (less than 50.000 yen if possible!) I'd love to hear it :)
I'm getting more and more busy at work. I'm doing a mix of voice-recognition related programming and voice-recognition related 'modeling', such as we call the process of trying to recognize words in a specific language. I'm keeping busy modeling Dutch and helping Mika with German, and they've assigned me an Italian trainee too, which can either be soon as proof that the company sees my potential or I get potentially more work. Either way means I'm going to be more busy. They've also asked me to start off a series of weekly meetings, and I'm allowed to do it completely my way. Well, maybe not completely, but they're giving me a lot of freedom on this, so I'm happy.
Anyway, going to be busy! Somehow I'm sure I will find the time to update my blog though, and if anything interesting happens I'll keep you guys posted ;)
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