As life becomes more busy this blog becomes less frequently updated, so please bear with me for a while here. I haven't abandoned blogging, I just don't have time for it recently. Or in the near future. I will go to Australia in less than a week, so it might be difficult for me to update this blog for the next couple of weeks as well. At least you can be guaranteed that the next update should be a big one ;)

Our plan: too much to tell, really! Cairns, Brisbane, Gold coast, Sidney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth. It's going to be very very busy, and we'll see a lot of things. I still regret that I can't see Ayer's rock, but I guess we'll save it for another time.

Preparation is almost complete. Still need to book a rental car and perhaps some hotels, but I think we're doing fine even without that. I wish I had more time to prepare, but recently work has been piling up on me, and things that I was never supposed to do, projects that I was never involved in suddenly require my attention just before I leave. I've got 3 days left, but today will be full of presentations so I won't get much done. I might even have to come in on Saturday or Sunday to finish all my work... :'(

(almost holiday!)

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