Alive and kicking!

I'm a net cafe in Sydney right now, and I just finished looking up places to stay in Melbourne, Canberra and Perth, which are going to be our next destinations. Before we left I liked to keep the random element in our trip by not booking in advance. That did not turn out well. When we arrived in Brisbane it was good Friday and the start of a 3 day easter weekend. There was nothing available. Absolutely nothing. In the end we had to settle for a strange hotel, but it was a lot more expensive than the backpacking accomodation we could have had if we had booked earlier...

Too many things have happened to post here right now! Things we've done so far: snorkeling the great barrier reefs, a helicopter ride over the reefs (yeah!), going to the Kuranda rain forest, Brisbane, and now Sydney. The rain forest day was a bad luck day indeed. We missed the train in the morning by 1 minute so we had to wait an hour. Then in the afternoon we were supposed to catch a flight to Brisbane, but because the f*cking taxi company took 20 minutes to answer the phone and another 20 minutes to arrive with a taxi we missed our flight... We stayed at Cairns airport (which was very nice btw! better than a certain backpackers place I'm staying at in Sydney right now...), and went to the beach in the early morning to see the sunrise and do some swimming before finally taking the replacement flight to Brisbane.

Impressions so far:

  • A lot of nature. Grass is great. I really miss grass in Japan.
  • No worries
  • Rain forest is beautiful
  • Underwater camera worked
  • Despite what other people say, koala's ARE cute
  • Christianity sucks. Every hotel is booked on easter, and every store is closed...
  • Many Japanese people in Cairns
  • Many Chinese people in Sydney
  • Sydney is beautiful at day, but dangerous and dirty at night
  • Brisbane is a very nice city. It reminds me a lot of Europe.
  • Cairns is wonderful. I recommend my parents to live there and chill out. They would love it.

More later :D

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