Infrared photography

I've been strolling around the net recently, looking for information on infrared photography. You can make some truly remarkable pictures if you ignore all visible light and (almost) only look at the infrared spectrum, as you can see here. I was quite impressed and I decided to get an infrared filter for my camera.

While looking for more information I found out that it wasn't quite that easy, though. It appears that every camera has a filter that blocks out infrared light, as it could have some negative effects on normal pictures. The more recent digital camera's, like my 400D, block out a lot of infrared light through this filter, which means that I'll have to use crazy long exposures to get enough light in my picture...

But my lucky streak has not ended!!! I honestly cannot believe it myself, but apparently one of the old camera's that's been lying around in my room, the Minolta Dimage 7, is perfect for infrared photography :D. It appears that most older digital cameras did not have a very good infrared filter, meaning that a lot more light is let through and you can use shorter shutter times, and maybe even shoot hand-held on a clear day. I can't believe my luck, really. All I have to do is get a filter and a couple of step-up rings for my Minolta, and I"ll be able to use it on both camera's ^_^.

Here's a link to some infrared photo's made with the Dimage 7.

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