Creative spirit

Or lack of it, really. For weeks now I have been without motivation to pick up my camera and start shooting things. This is Atsugi. I've been here for two and a half years. I pretty much know every spot within a 15km radius here. Went to the lake yesterday (15km), I go to the beach occasionally (12km), and today I went towards the mountains in the southern direction. I tried to cycle far, but no matter how far I went, I still found that I had been there before. Newly found roads last only for several minutes until they lead back to a known path. Everything here I have seen.

And yet, there are always new things to see, if you look for it. I've been looking through my photos of the last 2 years, and a lot of these pictures are of the same places, the same people. But every once in a while it's possible to find a new angle on things. To realize that if you look at things differently (upside-down hanging from a tree) the world can look quite different. To see that requires a mind that's awake, creative and happy. If any of those things are missing you will see the same dull world. My mind has been awake for the past two weeks, and I certainly feel creative after yesterday's programming contest. So why is it that I could not find that exciting new angle that I was looking for? I know why, but that is for me alone.

Some weekends are so boring that it makes even me go out and do something useful. I cleaned up my room, bought some folders to put my paperworks in, and prepared the package that I will finally send back to Holland. I even got a haircut, although I don't like the result very much. Well, I guess that's my own fault for going to the crappy barber because it was too busy at the good place...

Here's a time-lapse video my camera made for me today while I was doing laundry and getting a haircut.

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