This is Japan! Still. The rainy season is starting. It's a lot colder this year. Last year was very hot. This year the temperate is not even reaching 20C in the beginning of June. The good part is that I don't have to use my air conditioning at all, not for heating, not for cooling. The bad part is that it sucks to go outside. Anyway, enough about the weather.

Internet is destroying my life! It screws up priorities, and it breaks my life outside of internet. It's so easy to just go online and surf around aimlessly. The internet will never run out of content, and it's so easy to reach anything I want. Why would I want to leave it? I am neglecting washing my clothes, doing the dishes and cleaning up my room to name a couple of things, but I'm also neglecting to do useful things on the PC, like programming, studying or doing other things that could assist me in any way in the future. Once I grab a keyboard I will use any excuse to stay at my PC. Checking my e-mail one more time, waiting for that one person to come online so I can talk to them/her/it. It never ends. The internet is the destroyer of all productivity and all that is good in life. Which is why I love it.

I always have to learn the hard way, and I only get fed up with things long after other people have gotten bored with it. This seems to be my personality. After spending several weeks with only myself as company at home I am finally starting to get bored with all of this free time. There's many useful things I could be doing (should be doing?). I can't switch my entire lifestyle just like flicking a switch, but I can slowly move away from my current lifestyle and move into something better. It's about time for it.

Look at the photo. My room has not had this much space since two years ago when I first moved in.

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