Photo blues

Taking infrared pictures is hard work! It requires a lot more thinking instead of just snapshotting at random with my camera, and the post-processing is a bitch. Not to mention that it requires a bit of artistic talent, which is not really something I'm generally good at. Anyway, here's the initial shots, with a default workflow that only swaps the blue and red channels and plays with levels a bit. I guess I'll be playing around with it a bit more in the future. All the shots so far were made with the Minolta, but I've seen people online use a Canon 400D, so I'll try using my regular camera some time in the future.

The other project failed miserably, I'm afraid. My attempt at using the USB rocket launcher as a platform for a time-lapse video did not work at all. The thing is just too buggy. After I finished the program I found out that sometimes the launcher doesn't accept the command, which makes it unreliable. The other problem is that the motor's too weak, and sometimes it doesn't move at all when you want it to move slowly. The program is finished though, which will surely give us some fun at work :D

Alas, the brilliant rocket launcher plan foiled...

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