On the move

The world is shaking, but not physically. Break time is over. Things are slowly starting to move again. It will take some time before the buildup of momentum reaches a point that I am happy with, but life is definitely on the move. Today marked the end of the break. Looking back on today, a perfectly ordinary day, an amazing amount of things happened today. In every area of my life a big development happened. At work I heard two incredible things and I cannot talk about them here. They will the way I feel about work a lot. In a positive way.

As for social life, I had a very happy day today. I've actually been quite depressed for the past few weeks, but today I felt great. Nothing on my mind at all. Lots of things to worry about but somehow they didn't seem to matter today. I can deal with them. My happy day had a nice ending too; I received a message I didn't expect. I love the unexpected :)

George Carlin died. I didn't even know who he was one month ago, and now he's dead. We introduced a show of his to Mika on Saturday, and Mika was the first one today to find out that he died. A strange succession of events in my opinion, even if it means nothing.

Future prospects. My philisophy is always this: wait for your chance, and you will know it when you see it. Don't force it. There is a right time for everything, and no good will come of it if you try to grab your chance when you're not ready for it. Proof of this presented itself today, and it helps me to become more confident in myself and in the way I live. I don't expect anything from the future, or any particular chance I might get. But chances will come. And I will recognize them.

My life always has periods of huge inactivity followed by periods of huge activity. I sense that my life is building up towards another peak. The next phase is approaching. Time to take the chance and move forward. Carpe diem.

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