Welcome to summer

Hello everyone, it's August again. The days are scorching hot. It's almost impossible to walk around during the daytime, and I prefer the cool, air-conditioned room to the sweaty humid outside on most days. I do go out a bit though, last Saturday I cycled to the beach, as I usually do on weekends lately. I'm too lazy to get up early during weekdays, but I compromise by doing some exercise in the weekend instead. Last Saturday during the scorching heat I managed to set a new record: I made it back from the seaside to the youth heim in 29 minutes. Granted, I got lucky with the traffic lights, but it's not bad considering it used to take me 40 minutes last year.

Summer in Japan means bugs. Big ones. Dragonflies, huge weird stingy bee-like insects, and cicada, also knows as semi. These huge creatures like to pretend they're dead and lie on their back at random places until you come near and wake them up. Then they fly around like crazy and make a huge noise. These things are so loud that they drown out the noise from nearby roads.

Last Saturday was also the time of the annual Atsugi fireworks festival. I didn't feel like going so I stayed at the youth heim. In fact, I went to sit outside my room at my private roof terrace and I had a perfect view of the fireworks, although it was a bit far away. It was quite enjoyable, and I was later joined by a whole bunch of friends who had also finished watching the fireworks, and we had a nice roof party. Hung Lun brought some fireworks of his own and we had our own private little fireworks party on the roof. A very enjoyable evening indeed.

I don't like August. It's too hot for me, and too busy. And it's no fun at all when I don't have holidays myself but everyone else does. I can't wait for September and October. To be honest I am quite disappointed. Disappointed that I did not find a good goal here, and disappointed in the people of whom I expected more, the people who I thought could give me a goal. I should learn to be less naive, but it's really my only redeeming quality :P Well, I'm looking forward to a new life and in search of a new goal, as always. let the summer come, it will not bother me.

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