Neural not-works

It's been a while since a made a tech post. This might even be the first one o_0. Recently I've been looking into neural networks a bit out of personal interest, but I never really got started on it cause I thought it was too complicated and I could never find a nice easy way of sliding into it. And then I found this brilliant tutorial online, which taught me that neural networks are really not all that complicated. The tutorial starts from the basics and teaches step by step how to set up a simple neural network. It has source code in C++ which is very easy to read. I translated the source to Java, which showed me the step-by-step process and helped me understand every part of it. To top it all off there's some interesting stuff about genetic algorithms in there as well. I'll be experimenting with this for the next couple of weeks ^_^

On a completely different note: we had a huge thunderstorm today! I'm so happy. It was crazy hot again today, until mid-day, when suddenly haildrops started to fall from a clear sky. Shortly thereafter rain started to pour down as if it was doomsday, and a thunderstorm hung above the youth heim for hours. The power went out for three times in less than one hour... In other words: great! I really enjoyed my afternoon, and it was much better than boring sunshine. I hope there will be more interesting weather soon. Or disasters. Disasters are fun too.

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