Suddenly I became 24. I didn't care much for my birthday. I don't mind celebrating an important event, but I don't think my birthday is important. It's not important to me, because I don't feel particularly older or wiser on that specific day. I do have days that I want to celebrate this feeling, but then I do it by myself. Well, the birthday is still an interesting happening, and it does make me think a bit. I really had a great time having a very tiny celebration with my closest friends here, and some of them I will miss dearly as many of them will be leaving very soon, either permanently or temporarily. Such is the way of AK. I think I've finally gotten used to it after three years, and I'm getting a more stable group of people that I can be around with even after all the interns go back to their own country.

Things are good. Really good. I normal person couldn't find any reason for complaining. As Alvaro often points out, I do often find something to complain about, though, and I seem to be quite good at complaining o_0. I don't think I'm a negative person. I think my views about life in general are somewhere between euphoric and nihilistic, but I tend to be a bit more serious about work, and I always want to create the best possible situation I can imagine. It does tend to annoy me if there are things that don't go my way, both inside and outside of work. I can honestly say that I have achieved all the goals I have set so far in my life, or I am well on my way to attaining them. Except one. This frustrates me to no end, and I cannot stop thinking about it. I can never give up on it, but I have learned to accept that I cannot always get what I want. It's not in my nature to give up on something I care about though.

Getting older! Many people ask me about my future plans, and if I'm planning to stay in Japan longer. I always give them the same answer: "Why not? I definitely don't want to go back to work in Europe". I can't exclude any possibility, but I would prefer to stay in Japan. I am considering making one more venture to another foreign country, perhaps Australia, but I would not mind settling down in Japan. I've grown accustomed to daily life here, and I feel that I can lead my own life here. Out of all the countries that I've been to or know of, Japan is the least worst country that I know.

Thank you everyone! For your kind words and happy birthday messages. I look forward to seeing you all again some day, and to see what great things we will all have accomplished in our lives.

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