An extra-ordinary ordinary day

It's a strange life indeed when you start to call a day like today ordinary. A lot out-of-the-ordinary things happened today, and yet somehow when they all come together it's like any other ordinary day. Well, perhaps not ordinary. I wish every working day could be like this.

In the morning I went cycling. It's been months since I was last able to get myself to wake up at 7AM, but this morning I had to, because Marco wanted to go cycling too. He is fast! It was a good ride, and we took it easy on the way back. There is about a 50% chance that I will be sleepy for the whole day if I go cycling in the morning, but today was lucky; I managed to stay awake for the whole day :D

At work I was organizing a tiny meeting, and things did not go as planned. Half an hour before the meeting I found out that my program was broken at a critical spot, and I had to fix it. It was broken in many critical spots, actually >_<; but I managed to fix the most critical error just before the meeting. Lucky again.

After work we were planning to meet up in the city center to go out for Youngki's farewell dinner. Youngki is leaving this Saturday, which after three years has become quite ordinary to me, but at the same time it will always be quite special to see a friend leave. Just before I was about to leave for the dinner the worst weather ever hit Atsugi, and I couldn't even have made it to my bicycle without getting soaked. So... took the bus.

... and bought an umbrella at the station. Around the station puddles of 20-30cms deep were already formed and I soaked my shoes trying to get to the McD to meet with Junko. It was still thundering heavily outside, and not long after i entered the store the power went down and the lights went out, elliciting high-pitched screams from every schoolgirl in the store at that moment (about nine million in total). Great. And then the fire alarm went off >:D It's amazing how loud high-pitched Japanese schoolgirls' voices can become.

We walked through the rain to the actual restaurant where we were supposed to meet (a very nice Thai restaurant), and we enjoyed a great dinner. Until all too soon it was time to leave.. One year really is too short. What a year. Again! And there is more to come. I haven't quite decided what to do with my life yet, but I am learning to be comfortable with the choices I make, and not to regret possible chances that I've missed. I'm happy with my life, and I plan on staying that way.

Off to bed. Work tomorrow.

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