The wrist band of my Suunto Observer broke again! That's the second time now... After the first one broke I walked around with a crappy wrist band for a while, but now I live in Japan, and Yodobashi camera has everything, even wrist bands for an obscure Finnish watch :D Thank you Yodobashi, you're brilliant! Boo Suunto, your watches are great but your wrist bands suck.

While waiting in the store I looked around all the various watches they were selling. They had everything. Rolex, Bulgari, The most expensive Casio and Tag Heuer watches I've ever seen etc. I now know absolutely for certain that I do not value fashion or brand name accessories at all. Fixing my watch took very long, so I had about half an hour to stare at a Rolex and a crappy watch. I compared them in every way possible and I could find no reason at all to buy a Rolex, except to show off that you're crazy rich and not afraid to spend money on useless accessories. What's the point? Is it more reliable? I don't think so. Even regular watches are very reliable these days. Maybe a Rolex is more pretty, but a 1 million yen Rolex is not 100 times more pretty than a 10.000 yen regular watch. It's just not worth it. 

And another thing: what's the fascination with analog watches? This is the 21st century, what's wrong with digital? For me it's a lot easier and faster to read, and I bet that it's much easier for a manufacturer to make a high quality digital watch than it is to construct a high quality mechanical framework for an analog watch. 

I predict that in this century people will finally realize how utterly retarded they are and will stop spending money on overpriced luxury articles and fashion articles. Music is fashion too, in a way. Musicians and bands get paid crazy amounts of money for their music, just like luxury goods companies like Rolex get massive amounts of money for their watches. There is no sensibility at all right now, but people are starting to see that they don't need to pay that much just to get a song, a movie, or a watch. Thanks to the internet, which provides consumers with a lot more information than ever before, consumers are starting to make more intelligent decisions, at the cost of musicians and fashion article manufacturers, who are the real losers in this game. I predict that within 10 years it will be cool not to have any luxury articles at all. Of course everyone will still have watches, and they will still have fashionable clothing and the likes, but people who spend large amounts of money on luxury articles that are just expensive because of their brand name will be looked down upon by society. It won't be hip. That's the general trend of the world anyway. If people are starting to realize that oil and air do not come for free, then how will they feel about buying a Rolex or a Louis Vuitton bag? It's wasteful. 

Hm, this turned out to be a fairly one-sided statement against anything expensive and fashionable. Yay rv, well done.

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