Feelings versus logic

I'm very much a feelings person. This might seem like a contradiction, because I am an ICT engineer, after all. My work entails logic, and only logic. At work I reason by logic, I judge ideas by potential merits and cost-time esitmations, not by whether or not it 'feels good'. Still, important decisions in life I make based on feelings. 

Like going to Japan. That decision was not based on logic. It might have been based a bit on laziness, but I mostly chose it because it seemed like the right thing to do. For lots of decisions I ask my mind if I feel good about it or not, and make my decision based on just that. It happens for time-based decisions too, when I need to decide when to do something. It ranges from simple things like laundry or stepping out of the shower to large things like finding a new job or traveling. My mind seems to have a clear opinion on whether or not it's the right time for something, and I follow it. 

We have five elevators at the company, and when you press a button one of the five elevators lights up. I always try to guess which elevator will arrive. When I know that I'm feeling good I guess, and usually I guess right when I'm feeling good. Choice-supporting bias suggests that I am only remembering the times that I was right to confirm my belief that I can guess which elevator arrives first, but I'm too lazy to do a statistical analysis. It would be an interesting experiment though. Lately I've been sucking a lot at the guessing game, mostly because I'm not feeling too good, I guess. I don't feel in sync with my mind. 

I am redefining myself, and my mind needs time to catch up with who I am right now. Once it catches up, I'll be able to guess the elevator again. Then, when I'm back in sync, I can make important decisions again, and I will be confident that I can make the right decision.

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