I went to Tokyo this weekend. Tried to explore the city a bit by doing a random walk. I had decided to walk in a random direction with the goal of trying to find a temple, any temple would do. I started from Kudanshita and walked towards Akihabara, although not on purpose. In the area in between I found nothing but large streets, boring skyscrapers and all kinds of stores. But nothing interesting. No temple, no mysterious tiny alleyway leading to a hidden place, no traditional Japanese houses, no parks, nothing. Just Tokyo. 

Even Akihabara was not like it used to be! The electric town exit seemed to be under construction, and the building that housed 90% of my favorite stores was closed down. I didn't bother to spend more time in Akihabara and I went on. Eventually I reached Asakusabashi, which is certainly one of the more interesting stations I've seen in Tokyo so far. It's tiny, very tiny. It gets dark very early these days, so at this point I just gave up and went back. 

Things I have learned this weekend:

  • Tokyo can be extremely boring and ugly
  • I no longer have that happy feeling that I used to get from Akihabara
  • Weather does seem to affect my mood. I prefer colorful days

Well, that's all for today. I really should update my blog more. 

(Side note: to be in touch with Buddha you must have a clear mind and a balanced soul!)

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