Involuntary procrastination?

I've seen procrastination defined asputting off something that you can do right now until much later, even though you would benefit from doing it right now. A lot of people relate that you shouldn't put off something that takes only 5 minutes to complete. Doing it right away gets it out of your mind and out of the way. In my situation this doesn't seem to work.

I have so many 5-minute tasks at work that I never get around to the real work. In the 5 minutes that I spend on one short task people will bring new 5-minute tasks to me and it's impossible for me to keep up. As a result I spend my whole day solving 5-minute problems without making any real progress towards the big goals. I have some projects that I'd love to work on but I simply can't concentrate on my work long enough because I have too much small things that require my attention as well. Imagine a painter wanting to paint his masterpiece but being forced to draw ten different crappy paintings at the same time because other people are demanding him to work for them. 

I have a period at work between 1PM and 3PM where I request no one to come to my desk so I can concentrate on my work. This works for people who work for me and might have questions, but it doesn't work in the upper direction of the chain of command, so still people will come to talk to me or ask questions. Besides that I often have urgent deadlines or other side projects that need coordinating during this time, and as a result I find myself with a serious lack of 'die-hard development time'. I can't get in the flow of things. The only time that I can concentrate on my work is after 6PM, when most people have left the company. And by that time I'm usually so fed up by all my annoying little 5-minute tasks that I don't have any brainpower left for a big project, so I just go home. Woe my lack of efficiency.

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