For the past week I have been completely immersed in progamming. It's a great feeling to start development on something from scratch, and to see it grow into a beautiful work of art. Every day, every hour, every minute there is something to add or to improve. The end results is getting better and better and you can still clearly see the improvements every day, quite unlike software that has been under development for months or for years. What could be better than designing a huge-scale program all by yourself, given full freedom to do whatever you like and a code library that you made yourself? I can think of no better job than that, and that is absolutely what I want to keep on doing in the future. Ah, these are my best programming years, when the ideas still spring to mind freely and the body writes code almost automatically without having to conciously think about it. Later, when I will be filthy rich and manager of some super-huge multinational company I will have forgotten this skill... 

Half unrelated note: the wiki page of the game of life is a great starting point for a wiki quest on recurring patterns and randomness in nature. Check it out :)

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