Singleton pattern

Got my bicycle fixed! Again. brake blocks were dead and the brake was hitting the front wheel. The steering wheel was kinda loose too. It seems to be fixed now, so let's see how long it'll last this time until the next problem shows up. 

After sending my bicycle to the shop I had several hours to waste while waiting for it to be fixed. I went looking around for new apartments. I tried three different housing agencies. Two of them couldn't give me anything that fit my preference, but the third agency showed me one apartment that fit perfectly. Thanks to that wonderful Japanese service-oriented architecture I was able to visit the apartment immediately, and I had a good look. I had a good look at the costs too. It turns out that the monthly costs weren't that high, but the inital costs would amount to 6 times the monthly rent! And that's excluding the moving company's fee.. I told the company that I'd think it over but I doubt that I'll take the apartment. 6 months rent is a lot of money, and I can think of a lot of other things to do with that money. 

I've noticed recently that most of my life revolves about trying to understand things, and, perhaps more important than that, dealing with things that I can't understand. I tend to become annoyed or frustrated when I encounter something I can't understand. Which is too bad, because it's my natural tendency to try to understand whatever I encounter, be it people or technology. If only I could understand girls as easily as I can understand programs... I guess I'm still quite far away from the mental peace that I'm aiming for. 

I've realized quite some time ago that life sucks if you don't have goals. In this way I think it helps if you can identify 'enemies' in life that you can fight, in that manly, testosterone-filled manner that men have embraced since primeval times. It helps if you can turn your frustration into an action that you can use to counteract something. Sounds vague, right? Example: instead of feeling frustrated that you are unable to eat with chopsticks, turn that frustration into something positive by focussing on the learning aspect instead of the failing aspect. Hm, still sounds vague. 

For more thoughts on thoughts: the wiki page on gestalt psychology is a nice read. I'm always having trouble remembering exact facts, like numbers, names or dates, yet ideas and concepts seem to flow through my mind freely. It leads me to think that there's two kinds of brains (there's always two kinds -_-): the exact data-base-like mind, which remembers things exactly but has trouble deducing new ideas and theories from that information, and the free-flowing kind of mind, which has trouble holding onto facts and existing information, but is great at absorbing abstract concepts and formulating new ideas. It's like comparing a PC with a huge hard drive but a very slow CPU with a PC that has a small hard drive but a very fast CPU. I guess the amount of RAM (eg. short-term memory or perhaps the ability to work with many variables at the same time) varies between people. I guess that makes the schizophrenics the dual-cores and quad-cores of this society. More is not always better :D

Well, that turned out into an exceptionally vague rant the likes of which I haven't seen on this blog for quite some time. I guess that's proof that things are as they should be, and life is back to normal. 

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