A new toy

I lack inspiration for taking pictures, but I find myself quite intrigued at the technology involved in cameras and lenses. It was through this facination that I came upon my latest acquiry: an 800mm mirror reflex lens made by Rokinon, a brand that most people probably never heard of before. I got a 2x tele-converter too, so that means I've got  1600mm of impractical zoom available now :D

It's not the best in terms of quality, in fact it's rather the opposite: a manual focus fixed aperture lens that was quite cheap because of the dollar-to-yen exchange rate. Mirror lenses are not expected to perform anywhere near as good as the good old-fashioned prime lenses made by Canon or Nikon.

The good part about mirror lenses is that they cost 20.000 yen instead of 1.000.000 yen. They're lightweight too, actually. The one I bought doesn't seem to be much heavier than the 70-300mm I got from Canon, although it's a lot more difficult to handle. It's manual focus, but the focusing is quite precise, and since it's the only thing on the lens that you can adjust it's easy to get used to.

Well, here's some pictures of how ridiculous it looks on the tiny Canon 400D. I would show you more but all my first pictures turned out blurry! (though I did get a huge shot of the moon o_0)



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