Hiking mini-adventure

My first hike of 2009 is a fact, and it's a dark and dangerous beginning indeed. We went to hike up Mt. OoNoYama near Yamakita station, between Hakone and Atsugi. After arriving at the bus station we chose the wrong path and walked around the mountain first. We walked to the place where we were supposed to arrive after climbing the mountain. So we chose that point as our new starting point and started the climb. It wasn't too bad, but the weather turned cloudy while climbing, and we even got some snow (eg. 1 or 2 snowflakes) after arriving at the top. 

On our way back to the train station we had to walk about 3 kms along a road, and that's when I first noticed my foot starting to hurt. By the time we arrived at the station it had turned into a serious pain, and today I really don't feel like getting up from my chair at all. I hope it feels better tomorrow...

Here's some pictures, and the route. I didn't calculate precisely, but I guess we walked roughly 15 kms. See Picasa for all the pictures. 


Huge-ass panorama:


My attempts at HDR kind of failed, but I will try again later. For now, here's a mountain pic without HDR:


Edit: tried a bit with Photoshop, but I need more practice. Here's one:


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