Acid rain trip

That is to say, I went on a cycling trip and there was rain and now my eyes feel acid-y. 

Stats: Atsugi --> Beach (10.6km): 33m. Average speed: 16.74km/h. Top speed: 44km/h (?!)

Stats: Beach --> Atsugi (13.28km): 54m. Average speed: 12.91km/h. Top speed: 31km/h

Jjudging from today's stats and last time's stats it would seem that there is a height difference in favor of the Atsugi-->Beach direction is more significant than I thought. Not that it would matter to anyone else but me.. 

Cycling at night is nice. Usually cycling in the sun it's too hot, and during the day there's too much traffic. There's almost no traffic at night. This is a good thing, because I cannot seem to find the willpower any more to get out of bed early. On the other hand, cycling at night has a certain craziness to it that kind of makes it fun.

The hairy bicycle gaijin strikes again! Muhahahaha!

I made this today at work. I don't know why, I already have one exactly like this.

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