A tale of two drunks

Saturday night in Tokyo. Drunk people everywhere. The train that took us back to Atsugi after a nice day of hanging out was no different. The local train was not that crowded, and most benches were partly filled with people. Except one. A drunk guy was lying down, occupying about 4 or 5 seats, leasurely sleeping with his face down. Shortly after we spotted him the leisurely sleeping part turned into leasurely puking, and then he leisurely fell on the floor. You got to have respect for the Japanese, though. No matter how far gone they are, they always manage to wake up and get out of the train at the right station. Admittedly, this guy had some problems, but he still managed it. When the doors opened he kind of eel-slid his way out of the train, managing somehow to miss the small gap between train and platform, and then continued his sleep right in front of the train door. Fortunately a woman dragged him further onto the platform because otherwise he might have been hit by the train on its way out. Two stops later the cleanup people entered the train and cleaned up the puke from the seat and the floor in less than a minute, then exited the train before it left the platform. This kind of thing must happen all the time..


Then, after returning to Atsugi, I cycled back home. It was just before a blind corner that I was passed by a car, and immediately after that the car stopped in the corner. After taking the corner myself I found out why: an old man was lying on the floor with his bicycle. The car guy got out and we tried together to help the man get back to his feet, but he didn't seem in much of a hurry. His head was bleeding slightly and the groceries that he bought were scattered all over the road, yet the old man himself didn't seem to think much of it. He said in Japanese: 'just let me lie here for a while, I don't think I can get up yet. And if I go home like this my wife will scold me anyway'. The car guy told me he could handle it, so I moved on at that point. Let's hope that he was wise enough to continue his journey on foot..

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