I was writing a nice piece of software at work today. Very clearly defined, very straight-forward to code, and as a result very fun to work on. Too bad these kind of programs are a rarity.. Anyhow, I was planning to finish up the program around 17:00 so I could do the finishing touches and the deployment before going home. But I had to put in one more feature, which took me almost an hour... And of course that's the feature that kills everything. I underestimated the deployment time and I should have expected that there might be bugs inside the 'killer feature' that would only show up during deployment. It's no fun to fix a piece of software on Friday at 18:45! Moral of the story: don't introduce too many features in your program if you're planning to stick to a tight deployment schedule!

And on a completely unrelated note: if somebody could please tell me why the damn glassfish plugin for eclipse fails to deploy because of a locked jar file, I would reward him or her with over nine thousand lollipops. Thank you very much.

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