I just arrived at Johannesburg. I 'misunderestimated' the flight time, which turned out to be 10 hours! That means I had a total flight time of 17 hours, quite a bit more than going to Australia from Japan. Can't say I'm very tired right now, but it's 6:50AM local time. I'm sure it will catch up with me later. I have to wait 2 hours for Kamil to arrive so I'll share with you some of my thoughts I had during the flights.

First of all, now I know why they call it BOREding. The entire boarding procedure in Malaysia airport took so long. Incidentally, I thought the airport was quite crappy. The terminal area had a very nice green area in the center part of the terminal (but you're not allowed to enter), and from there several 'arms' extend towards the boarding areas. The center is filled with tax-free shops selling trinkets that I don't care about, and there's barely any nice restaurant. Still, the food was good. Also on the flight the food was excellent. Malaysia Airlines has good food :D Too bad the airport is so desolate and empty. It reminded me of Zurich. I'd say the best airports I've stayed at so far are Narita and Cairns. They just feel more peaceful and relaxed, and less like a big industry. Johannesburg is not too bad either. It's very practical and the toilets are clean (Malaysia was so dirty!). It reminds me of Holland somehow.

Well, that's it for now. I doubt I'll have internet during the tour, so this'll be my last message for a while. This Is Africa!

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