Back in Japan

Everything feels so normal here. My room is exactly the way I left it. Convenience stores and supermarkets are right where they should be and my PC is using up most of my time today as I find myself catching up with the internets. Sad news: my microwave broke so I will starve to death in the next week or so.

Of course you're all waiting for the travel report and the pictures of the Africa trip. That will have to wait for a while, cause I won't have much time Thursday or Friday, as I need to go back to work. It sounds boring. It is boring. But that's what pays for trips to Africa, so I guess it's not too bad.

Some side notes on my journey home though, the swine flu is causing a panic everywhere. When arriving in Malaysia yesterday they quarantained us right after exiting the plane and asked us to sign a form proclaiming that we're healthy and do not have influenza. I guess they'll sue us if we do? Kinda weird. A similar thing happened again at Narita a day later, but this time they let us walk freely all the way through to immigration. I guess that's the best that they can do in the event of such a crisis. I haven't followed the news at all while I was in Africa, but I did catch up on the news while waiting in Malaysia. People are pretty spooked. If a secret society wanted to take control of world governments now would be the right opportunity :D

Oh well. Diseases are just like pokemon. Gotta catch em all.

Back to daily life...

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