Comfort and convenience

It's so easy to do nothing for the whole day. I have a natural tendency to make life too convenient for myself, and as a result I tend to forget, postpone or simply ignore important things in favor of convenient things. For example, I am very much inclined to play a computer game instead of going out for cycling, even though I might enjoy cycling more, but the game is only one click away so I play computer games instead.

I read a nice quote in a magazine while in Africa. It read something like "People should not confuse comfort and happiness". They are not the same thing. But they are related, the amount depending on each person. I found for myself that I need a certain level of basic comfort. Not much at all I think, compared to what some people think they require to be happy. As far as living goes, I am comfortable with a small room, a PC with an internet connection and a camera. For a social life, I find that I really enjoy having intelligent conversations (forgive the term) with friends and talking to people one on one or in a small group.

Too much comfort is not good! Too much of anything is not good, of course, but in my case I just feel uncomfortable by too much comfort. When I get too comfortable I start to seek less comfort. If life becomes to easy I try to make it more difficult. Not too much, but I am finding that I have a comfort zone that I need to be in. Too much comfort makes me lazy and apathic. The Africa trip made me realize that. The trip also made me realize that I do need my basic level of comfort to be happy. I have a good balance right now, but I need to protect myself from my lazy impulses somehow :D

So I went domain name scouting today! Here's a list of domain names related to my name that were taken and were strange:

  • --> links to wtf
  • --> strange personal website
  • --> vocaloid stuff (how strange is that? I blogged about that before and not many people know about that)
  • --> web 1.0 page about a town in Germany

There you have it. It's quite fun to discover what other people might find if they use your name to find stuff. Give it a try. I'm just glad none of those pages were related to porn.


You clicked, didn't you?

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