Go-karting pics

Go-karting and cycling pics from yesterday here on Picasa. Ah, racing was so much fun.. I need to do more stuff that gets my adrenaline flowing. In a healthy way. Jumping off of cliffs is too much o_0


Camera note: I wanted to travel light yesterday, so I only took my 400D and 17-55mm kit lens. Things that annoyed me were the controls of the camera and the limited range of the lens, which was quite expected considering that I'm usually using a 50D + 18-200mm. Still, I am quite fond of the 400D. It's so light I hardly notice it hanging around my neck while cycling, and the 'feeling' of the photos is somehow better than the 50D. Maybe it's the colors, I don't know. The photos from the 400D look quite different from the 50D's, and I would be able to tell which camera the photo came from if somebody showed me a picture.

Yay, my neighbor also smokes on his balcony when it's raining. Sucks to be a smoker.

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