I am an idiot 2 - The sequel

Went running tonight. I brought along my iPod nano to listen to some music while running. Then, after coming back, I threw all my clothes in a basket and brought them to the washer. Yes, I forgot to take the ipod out....

I even didn't see it when putting my clothes in the drier. After coming back to my room and sorting out the clean clothes the ipod suddenly rolled out, looking no different than usual (but extremely hot to the touch). It's not my lucky day today.. Well, seeing no visible damage and assuming that the thing was beyond rescuing anyway, I plugged it in immediately to see what would happen (engineers, tch). Surprisingly the screen lit up in a gray color, but Windows could not connect and showed an error message. Oh dear.

Then I went online and found out that there's actually quite a lot of people who did the same thing, and some of their nanos survived. So I tried to plug it in again, and this time the itunes window popped up! Alas, I still cannot get the screen to work, but the memory disk inside the ipod works perfectly, and I was able to listen to music from the ipod on my pc. It seems to have remarkable recovering abilities. Let's hope that tomorrow the screen will magically come to life again, although the chances of that happening are not too high.. :'(

Side note: woohoo! Wordpress blog-by-email works with my mobile phone, and I can upload pictures too ^_^

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