Peace and quiet

My life is still the same. I like my work, and I can become completely immersed in the task that I have. I am still seeing the same people I saw before . I am still not seeing the same people I didn't see before. I am still talking to my parents on the phone every week. I am still living in the youth heim. I am still playing Chinese chess every weekend. I am still here. I am still alive.

I've been winning more games of chess recently. I'm gaining initiative at work, and my work is becoming more important. Integrating in a Japanese company is difficult, but given enough time even I am capable of doing it. I've bought a domain name and I'm getting ready to make a 'professional' website, so I can publish some software that I created in the past under the open source license while at the same time making some name for myself as a programmer. I'm running and I'm getting better. I am alive.

And I don't have malaria!

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