I just entered my room and found a GODDAMN COCKROACH staring in my face. 1 second later it was at the bottom of my slipper. All insects are evil and must die on sight. No exceptions. Especially not cockroaches. They're the worst of them all. It's eradication time.

Ok, so I may have a slight insect-phobia. I despise insects. Perhaps it's fear of insects, but this fear has turned into irrational hatred. Normally I'm quite docile, because in Japanese city life you rarely see many insects let alone that you're bothered by them. I do jokingly post on this blog sometimes that I'm a slob and that my room is a mess, but in all seriousness, my room is nowhere near dirty enough to warrant a visit by this GODDAMN COCKROACH. WTF

I recently did a huge cleanup of my room less than a month ago. I turned every nook and cranny inside out and found not a single place that was really dirty. I did the same thing again and I still found nothing. Kitchen cabinets, under the bed, behind the fridge, behind my clothing cabinet, all is clear, not a GODDAMN COCKROACH to be seen. So where the hell did this vile creature come from?

Logical deduction leaves me only two options. One: the damn critter hitched a ride with me on either my body or by backpack, either of which leaves me repulsed, and somehow entered my room together with me. Damn you to hell, you cockroach. Or, option two: my evil smoking neighbor. Our balconies are connected. Nobody lived in that guys room for months or even years, and I have no idea if this guy is a tidy guy or not. The blame game usually works for me, so this guy rose even higerh on my hitlist. My balcony door will not open for as long as this summer lasts. My neighbor and his GODDAMN COCKROACH friends must die.

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