They return..

It's back.... :'(

I just came back from cycling today when, while entering my room, I noticed something moving from the corner of my eye. It was another goddamn cockroach... This one appeared near the front door, just like the first one, which leads me to assume that it's not coming over from my neighbour's balcony when my balcony door is open. Instead, they seem to enter my room whenever I open my front door. I'd better be more careful. One other option is that there is a bunch of them in my room already, but I'd rather not think about that..

This one got away today. I found it hiding behind my shoe, and whenever I lifted up the shoe to smack it with my slipper it went to the side of the wall, where I couldn't quite perform a full-body assault on it. After three shoe-wall runs it decided to run away and it managed to escape behind my kitchen cabinet, after which I exclaimed an extremely loud "FUCK!!!!!" which I'm sure my neighbor must have heard and wondered about. I barricaded the entrance to the living area of my room with detergent-like cleaning liquid spray stuff, so hopefully it won't try it's luck any further. There's no damn way to get to it while it's behind the kitchen cabinet though, so I'll just have to wait diligently until it decides to come out. Tomorrow I'll go to the store and buy the most vile and disgusting cockroach medicin I can find. You will not survive much longer, you evil creature.

Observations: this variety of cockroach appears to like dark areas, and avoids light, which means it's not an Asian cockroach, because according to wikipedia that one's attracted to light. The first cockroach just ran away slowly, but the second one was way faster, and actually attempted to fly a couple of times, which seriously pisses me off. I need better weapons for this..

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