Door-to-door salesmen..

Do they ever learn? I've got a sign on my door saying that I do not take kindly to salesmen, yet tonight another one of these bugs rang my doorbell and tried to sell me some damn broadband internet of some sort. In retrospect I regret that I was so polite to him. I told him in decent Japanese that I was not interested. What I should have done is point to the sign on my door and ask the guy "can you even READ Japanese, you kusoyaro?!!". Obviously I speak it better than you can read it, so fuck off.

Hm, pet peeve of mine, I guess. Salesmen bothering me more than cockroaches. Haven't seen any sign of that second one ever since it crawled behind my kitchen cupboard. Traps are laid but empty, bug spray is left unused. Maybe I'll use it on the next salesman who knocks on my door. I should change the text of my sign too. It's just too polite right now. Something like 'trespassers will be shot at' might be more effective.

Side note one: Firefly is awesome! Besides that, it also taught me more Chinese than my year of studying :D

Side note two: check out this image search engine called TinEye. Pretty amazing technology.

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