The urge...


This picture is from last year's Shikoku trip. I wish my bicycle was still as good as it was then. I'm ashamed of myself to let my bicycle degrade to the state that it's currently in. Right now the rear wheel is bent, the inner tyre is puking out and one spoke is held together by a string. The shaft connecting the pedals makes a horribly cracking noise every revolution, and the front wheel is getting a bit wobbly as well. The steering wheel gets stuck sometimes and I can't turn occasionally. It's starting to rust too.

It's time to pick it up again! My favorite outdoor hobby needs some attention. I'll get my bicycle fixed this weekend. It'll cost a lot, but that's ok. I realized today after browsing the net that touring bicycles are quite rare, and quite expensive. It will be worth it to restore my bicycle to a good state, even if it takes weeks of fixing. Let's do it!

So... who wants to cycle to Hokkaido? :D

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